5 Reasons WordCamps Are Great

We all know WordCamps are great, right? Have you been to one before, or just stared lustfully at the twitter stream as it rolls along over the weekend?

There are so many good reasons to attend – here are just a few.


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1. Meeting great people

One of the highlights for those who attends a WordCamp is putting faces to the names they’ve seen online. I’m sure you have plenty of people you talk to online who you’ve never met in person, and WordCamps are a great chance to do this! Even though we all talk to people online all the time, via email, social media, and video calls, there’s still something a bit special about shaking someone’s hand or sitting down for a beer together.

2. Connections, connections, connections

It’s not always about meeting those familiar names though, WordCamps are a great place to meet new and exciting people who rely on WordPress just as much as you do! It is not uncommon for people to meet new start-up partners, or potential employers/employees at WordCamps.

3. Learning New things

You have two full days of sessions, so mix it up a bit. WordCamps are a great opportunity to broaden your perspective and listen to some sessions with subjects you’ve not heard much about before. Be sure to prioritise your favourite sessions, and then add into your mix a few sessions on topics you’ve not considered before. You never know what you might discover, or what gems are waiting for you there.

4. Re-focus and Inspire

We can’t under-value the importance of WordCamps to refocus and inspire you. WordCamp has the benefit of being work-related, but also tons of fun! It’s important that we refresh ourselves, and open ourselves up to new inspiration so that we, and our businesses, are growing and adapting.

5. After-party!

Of course, there’s also the afterparty. Great food, great drinks, and an awesome location – just another great perk of WordCamp!


Don’t forget to grab your ticket, and score all these perks, and more! You can sign up for WordCamp Sunshine Coast here.

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